FACT vs FICTION: Learn the difference BEFORE you buy!


Please educate yourself regarding what I believe are misleading claims made about the Anatolian/Mastiff mix called the American Mastiff. This mix is not "exactly" like or even "almost exactly like" the Mastiff.


Breeders of Mastiffs and Anatolians have taken tremendous time and effort to maintain our breed's standards and are very disheartened over the this combination for many reasons.


Both Mastiffs and Anatolians have the perfect temperaments for the jobs they were bred for - but their mix serves no true function. Also, the breeders of this mix cannot guarantee the predominant temperament or physical appearance to be that of the Mastiff, since it is a different "breed". There is no accessible evidence, nor a sufficient elapsed time-frame, to make claims regarding health issues or life expectancy. You can ascertain that the claim of better health is actually illogical since Mastiffs and Anatolians share similar health concerns - in actuality these health issues will likely be doubled up on! And, per AM owners, AMs DO drool to varying degrees.


This Anatolian/Mastiff mix is NOT a recognized AKC or FSS breed.

NOTE: The FSS is not open to "rare" breeds that are a variation of an AKC-registrable breed or the result of a combination of two AKC-recognized breeds. This includes and is not limited to differences such as size (over & under), coat type, coat colors, and coat colors and/or types that are disqualifications from Conformation Events by AKC breed standards.


To learn more about the Anatolian Shepherd, please visit:

Anatolian Shepherd dog Club of America's website.


Please do your research before purchasing any dog.


Please also read: How to find a Responsible/Reputable Breeder.

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